Annika Bergström was born 1979 in Härnösand, and is living and working in Stockholm, Sweden.

Coming from a background in the meticulous craft of hand-drawn animation, her practice moves between the concepts of motion and stillness using drawings and video. 

In her work, she seeks closeness to the disregarded and inconspicuous. With a documentary approach, she investigates the vulnerabilities exposed in nuances of human behaviour, inspects forgotten corners of the home and depicts inbetween spaces and waiting.

Using her own snapshots from everyday life as a starting point, she creates slow and detailed charcoal drawings that take months to complete. During the process, all that is hidden in a snapshot gets scrutinized and processed. 


ANNIKA BERGSTRÖM (1979, Stockholm)

MFA Film & Media/Animation, Stockholm University of the Arts,  2017

Exhibitions/artistic projects

2020 Joint custody - with Kajsa Lindberg, gna projects, Hägersten

2020 Isolering | Kommunikation - group show, Färgfabriken, Stockholm

2019 falnar och fyller – with Kajsa Lindberg. wip:konsthall, Stockholm

2019 Embers - Centrifug, Farsta

2019 Liljevalchs Vårsalong 2019 (jury: Helene Billgren, Susanne Vollmer, Lasse Åberg)

2018 Se men inte synas, synas men inte se - wip:konsthall, Stockholm

2017 Förekomst av frånvaro - MFA degree show, Stockholm University of the Arts

2014 -16 Book of selfies - social media selfie drawing project

2014 Glöm ej: pupillerna - Galleri Hades, Hägersten

2009 -12 Glöm ej: pupillerna - autofictional diary drawings


2019 Vårsalongen 2019 Exhibition catalogue

2019 Cora # 56/2019 Article “Kvinnornas folkfest”

2015 Cap & Design # 6/2015. Article on Book of selfies

2015 Tecknaren # 6/2015. Article on Book of selfies

2014 Glöm ej: pupillerna. Book of drawings. ISBN 978 91 7533 105 8

Grant from Birgitta Janssons minnesfond 2007.